Mr. S. Brown's Explanation

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

(Speclal cable to the "Gleaner" from our Trinidad correspondent).
(Gleaner copyright, 1949)

PORT OF SPAIN, May 26: Mr. W. "Sonny" Brown, First Vice President of the T.A.F.A. and Manager of the Trinidad football team which visited Jamaica recently, has answered the scathing criticisms levelled at him by G. St. C. Scotter and "Longfield" in the "Gleaner".

Mr. Brown told the "Trinidad Guardian" yesterday that the statements accredited to him by the Jamaican scribes are incorrect. He declared: "I emphatically deny having said that Trinidad was three goals ahead of Jamaica in each match".

Mr. Brown explained that he had told the Trinidad Press on his return "I think Trinidad was at least three goals stronger than Jamaica. Any Trinidad side trained to play sixty minutes, and going to Jamaica to play sixty minutes, why Jamaica would not have a chance".

He also referred to an interview with the "Port of Spain Gazette", stating "Jamaica has a young side, with few individuals impressive, but I had no doubt that Trinidad would defeat them both at home and abroad on level terms.—not after following a tour as this one, which came after a strenuous Haiti ordeal".

Mr. Brown concluded with these remarks: "I regret that the Jamaican scribes have come to such conclusion. I admit that Trinidad was well and truly beaten by Jamaica in the first two Tests, but I still hold the view that we were far below our standard of play, and maintain that we are three goals stronger than Jamaica".