Mr. Brown Of Trinidad: His Football Boastings

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

The Trinidad football team which recently toured Haiti, Jamaica and Puerto Rico returned to Port of Spain on May 14.

Asked about the result of the two night games in Puerto Rico, Mr. Brown the Manager said that Trinidad won both of them. The first game played last Monday in the capital, San Juan, went to Trinidad by an 8-2 margin. The second game was played on Wednesday night, and Trinidad again won, this time by a margin of seven goals to nil.

Mr. Brown explained that the matches in Puerto Rico were really exhibition games, and that the standard of soccer in that colony was far below Trinidad's.

He declared that Puerto Ricans cared more for baseball, softball and basketball than they did for soccer, even though they sent a football side to the last Central American Games in Barranquilla.

About Jamaica he said that the Jamaica team (that incidentally beat Trinidad two out of three matches) was no better than what "we saw out here (Trinidad) a couple of years ago".

He added: "I think that Trinidad is at least three goals stronger than Jamaica. Any Trinidad side trained to play 60 minutes and going to Jamaica to play for 60 minutes, why, Jamaica would not have a chance."