Jamaica Wins Football Series

G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Takes Second Match Against Trinidad By The Odd Goal

JAMAICA ..... 2 (Alcock, Coy)
TRINIDAD ..... 1 (Espinal)

THE DECIDING MATCH of the present series between Jamaica and Trinidad, was settled yesterday at Sabina Park, when Jamaica, already one up in the series, won the second of the three matches by the odd goal.

There was again a big crowd to see the match, but from the point of football, they must have been somewhat disappointed, as far as the technique of the game was concerned, it was not even as good a match as that on Monday, and there was not a brilliant and exceptional period which Jamaica had in Monday's match.

Looking at the two sides on yesterday's play, there was practically nothing to choose between them, except possibly that Jamaica has a better goalie.

Course Of Play

The match was not a very interesting exhibition of football from either side; in the first half, play was up and down the mid-field, with Trinidad having a shade the better of it; and it looked as if neither side would ever score.

Trinidad had a couple of good chances, but their insides were not shooting as well as they did on Monday, and Cooper had little difficulty in dealing with whatever came his way; Jamaica was somewhat handicapped by the fact that Trinidad had learned to watch their two wingers, McLean and Coy, and the inside forwards were not able to make any other openings.

Second Half

At the end of the first half, it looked to the spectators as if the match would end in a nil-all draw; but much to Jamaica's surprise and delight, Alcock, whom we have never yet seen score a goal in a representative match, although he hasmade plenty of openings for himself and others, this time put one through; a first-timer off a nice centre from McLean.

Jamaica's second, goal followed the tradition of Monday's match: run down by McLean, out into the centre, passed out with Coy on the left cutting in just at the right time.

After this, we had a fine example of just how valuable Cooper is to Jamaica in goal: a fine left wing movement on Trinidad's part, resulting in Burnett getting a hard drive in a good position, the ball was going for the corner of the net, and was still further deflected in the right direction by a defender's leg; but in spite of this, Cooper reached out a hand at arms length, and turned it round the post.

Trinidad's goal was a result of good mid field play bringing the ball into the area, but when it got there, it was just anybody's guess as to who should take the shot. It came to Espinal, who put it nicely past the goalie.

The Teams

JAMAICA: R. D. Cooper, K. A. Hamilton; G. A. Prescod; H. Walters, F. A. Alexander (Capt.): K. Largie; Alvin McLean; H. Miller; C. S. McMorris; L. Alcock; V. Coy.
TRINIDAD: J. Gonsalves (Capt.); G. Parsons; C. Dopson; D. Charleau; A. Josephs; N. Winn; P. Carr; C. Hinds; E. Espinal; R. Burnett; L. Munroe.
Referee: J. M. Groves; Linesmen: F. Romney, E. S. Barber.

Saturday's Game

Although Jamaica has won the series, Jamaica football fans are not quite satisfied yet as to whether we are actually a better team than the present combination Trinidad now has here. With the strain of the series relieved on both sides, and both able to play football at their best, we will see this on Saturday.