Ramdhan To Referee This Weekend

Marc Purcell
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While referees in Trinidad and Tobago are under pressure they can take relief that one of their own will be taking charge on the World stage. Ramesh Ramdhan will referee the Group H match between Croatia and Japan on Sunday. This is the first time that a Caribbean referee will take charge of a World Cup game. Ramdhan is no stranger to big games. He has been in charge of the Gold Cup final in 1996 and his biggest game to date has been the Mexico-Jamaica match at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City during last year's World Cup qualifiers. Joining him will be Merere Gonzales also from Trinidad. He will be on the sidelines. This was supposed to be a big game for the region with the third referee's assistant being Owen Powell of Jamaica. However, due to a Japanese protest Powell was forced to do another game.

Waiting for the WC to end.

David Nahkid has put his pending move to Tottenham Hotspurs on hold. Nahkid, speaking to the Trinidad Express stated that he will wait till the end of the World Cup and the MLS All Star game to decide on a move to England. Nahkid said "I have decided to put everything on hold...at least until the end of the World Cup. For one thing," he added, "the clubs interested would have settled on their teams and it will also give me a chance to play in both the All Star game and the Shell Cup (July 22-31) before deciding on whether I will take the option to move on."

Evans Wise, Nahkid's New England teammate is not so certain about his future. New England placed Wise on waivers to make room for a new signing. When he clears waivers the Revolution can either release him outright making him a free agent or keep him in the league player pool.

Another player waiting till the end of the World Cup is Russell Latapy. Latapy, currently in France with his Mastercard duties, has talked to teams in England about a transfer from current club Boavista. Teams believed to be in the hunt include Leeds United and Arsenal at a transfer fee that has been quoted around £ 7,000,000. His current club Boavista are not going to let Latapy go without a fight. They are prepared to match any sum that he receives from the clubs in England.

In the starting lineup...

Stern John and Columbus take on New York on Saturday. Brain Haynes and Dallas take on Tampa Bay. In A-league action Avery John and Raleigh take on Jacksonville on Friday and Terry St. Louis Toronto on Sunday. On Friday Terry St. Louis and Toronto take on Craig Demmin and Rochester. Rochester then take on California at home on Sunday. Shawn Boney and Connecticut take on Albuquerque on Saturday. Finally the Trini Crew at New Orleans will play Nashville on Saturday.