Yorke Speaks His Mind

Marc Purcell
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Dwight Yorke may not be on a competitive field of play but he is firing shots at everything in sight. Yorke, back in Trinidad for a vacation, spoke to the Trinidad media about playing for Trinidad and Tobago and his views on the game. In the Trinidad Express Yorke said that seeing Jamaica qualify for the World Cup hurts him. Yorke said: "It's a massive blow to see them qualify for the World Cup...It's sad to see that Jamaica, who (...) are a team that we beat on a regular basis, have come from nowhere and got to where they are and we're here still scratching our heads wondering why we're not there." Yorke said that Trinidad and Tobago has gone backwards since they came within one point of qualifying for the 1990 World Cup.

Yorke said that T&T can qualify for the World Cup "if the preparations are right." However, in the same light he said that it will be difficult if the current football administration continued on it's present path. (I wonder where we have heard that before). He said that: "... I don't think you can just turn up and play qualifying games like we have done in the past and expect to get to the World Cup. These things take time and need to be planned properly." Finally he said that it does not matter who the head coach is. While he has respect for Bertille St. Clair he said that his situation with the TTFA will remain the same despite the head coach.

Yorke laid down his rules for when it comes to playing for T&T. Yorke mentioned that he will not play for Trinidad and Tobago in the Shell/Umbro cup. He said that T&T has the talent to win the tournament without him. He also said that he will make himself available for future World Cup qualifiers and not for international friendlies that conflict with his club schedule. He mentioned that the English FA leaves weekends available for international friendlies. This is when Yorke will be available. His idea of playing during the weekend breaks is seconded by Clint Marcelle. Marcelle told TTFOL that he wants to play for his country but would like international friendlies scheduled around the weekend breaks in the English Premiership.

Yorke's words ring true when he talks about the administration. The question that comes to mind is where is the accountability? In a country where football is taken seriously instead of a social event for politicians, the top members in the football administration would have found themselves in front of a government committee to see why the same person is still the head of an administration after three failed World Cup bids. Moreover, why the same head administrator has now alienated two of T&T's best footballers. Without a satisfactory answer the head would have found a pink slip in his office the next day. In qualifying for the World Cup you need four things to reach the finals. You need a good coach, good players, a well organized administration and money. Unfortunately, for T&T they lack a strong administration and money.

Yorke getting a pay increase

While Yorke is in Trinidad and Tobago his attention will be still in England. Aston Villa is about to renegotiate his contract that he signed last year in order to keep him. According to reports Aston Villa management are prepared to break the bank for Yorke. They are prepared to offer him a five year contract to over lap the one that Yorke agreed to last season. That deal would have expired in two years. There are also reports that Yorke will get a increase in salary to £21,000 a week salary. In addition to the increase in salary, John Gregory Aston Villa's manager, has slapped a transfer fee of £15,000,000 on Yorke to deter clubs from acquiring him. Clubs in the running include Manchester United.

Marcelle resigns with Barnsley

Despite attacking interest from clubs in Holland and France, Clint Marcelle is staying put right in England. He has signed a two year deal with Barnsley. Marcelle has been a fan favorite at Oakwell since he signed with them in August of 1996. He was instrumental in Barnsley's promotion into the English Premiership in the 1996/1997 season when he scored eight goals in 31 games. However, last year was a poor one for both Marcelle and Barnsley as they were sent back down to the English First division after just one season in the English top flight. There was speculation that he would leave the club under the Bosman ruling. The Bosman ruling (simular to the Curtis Flood decesion in baseball to those of you on this side of the Atlantic) allows a player to go to any club in Europe on a free transfer at the end of his contract. Previously, the player remained the property of the club even after his contract was over. Marcelle has shown his willingness to play for T&T in the Shell/Umbro cup in July.

Nakhid to move to Hotspurs?

David Nakhid is being offered a £150,000 contract for the 1998/1999 season by North London based club Tottenham Hotspurs. According to reports in the Independent Nakhid is seriously considering the move back to Europe. The deal is being offered by Nakhid's former manager at Zurich Grasshoppers now the head at Hotspurs. Nakhid's role would be in the center-midfield. Nakhid said: "There has not been talk, as yet, on transfer fee or any sort of salary...normally one of the more important things for me is the signing-on bonus and that was established." He continued by saying that things must be a little more concrete in order for him to make a decision. No timetable has been set by Nakhid. He is due in England for a fitness test at the end of May.

T&T climbs in FIFA ranking again

Trinidad and Tobago has moved up one spot in the latest FIFA World Rankings. They are currently ranked 48th in the world. The movement is attributed to the performance of World Cup qualifier Cameroon. T&T is still ranked number two in the Caribbean and number four in CONCACAF behind Mexico(4th), USA (11th) and Jamaica (30th).

Nixon season comes to an end.

Jerren Nixon and FC Zurich's season has come to an end. This makes Nixon the last T&T national to play in Europe this season. Nixon and Zurich lost to FC Sion 3-2 but they still maintain a UEFA cup place for next season by finishing fourth in the Swiss table. This is the first time that Nixon will be playing in European competition in his career.

Haynes scores in Dallas lost

Brian Haynes scored his first goal of the season for the Dallas Burn in the MLS, but still lost 4-1 to Los Angeles. Haynes scored in the 63rd minute. Mickey Trotman, not in St. Kitts with T&T, came on in the 72nd minute.

In other MLS action David Nahkid and Evans Wise started for New England but came up against a stone wall in Ansil Elcock and the Columbus Crew. New England lost to Columbus 2-0.

A-League report

Starting off in my home town of Toronto where Terry St. Louis played havoc with the Worcester defense all afternoon. His deep runs into the Worcester defense caused him to be hacked down twice in the penalty box earning two of Toronto's four goals. Toronto won the game 4-1 for there second win of the season.

On Friday night Craig Demmin and Rochester beat Worester 3-0. Also on Friday night, Gary Glasgow maintained his scoring run by putting in two goals in New Orlean's 3-2 win over El Paso. On Sunday, the same crew lost to Albuquerque 2-1. Glasgow is coming off a two goal performance last weekend.

In other action Shawn Boney and Connecticut lost to Long Island 3-1.