CONCACAF Commentary

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

THE TWO TEAMS, were hardly recognizable — Jamaica were that bad, Trinidad that much improved.

Wednesday's match was a turn-about of all we had seen of the two sides in the CONCACAF tournament. For the first time, Trinidad played as a team and Jamaica as strangers in the night.

Jamaica's faults were many — slow, tackle-shy, woefully weak in mid-field, they sometimes made such elementary errors as moving the ball off the ground against a taller team.

Now National Coach Jorge Penna must make changes. It's a mystery why he hasn't done so before. Two substitutes can be fielded during a game and one expected to see at least one reserve played after the first 30 minutes on Wednesday.

Linkmen Arthur Cameron and Lloyd McLean have been ineffective since the opening match against Netherlands Antilles.

Patrick Chin, an old-fashioned striker, must be given a chance and St. George's Lascelve Graham has surely waited too long for his opportunity.

Penna may also consider moving Paul Thomas up as a linkman where he is happiest, with Railway's Frank Jackson filling the gap in defence.