Jamaica Beaten 3-0 In First Trinidad Match

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Jamaica Gleaner

Defence Too Slow

(Special cable to the "Gleaner" from our Trinidad correspondent)
(Gleaner copyright, 1947.)

Port Of Spain, Trinidad, November 3: The much vaunted Jamaica football side which arrived here fit and well on Sunday, suffered their initial setback in a match played this afternoon, losing 3 goals to nil, against the Malvern outfit, which has the reputation of being the strongest club side in the Colony.

The Jamaicans who used, without success, their third back formation, had the Malvernites puzzled at the opening stages of the game, but the speedy home forwards soon found some surprising gaps in the Jamaica's defence, and chalked up two goals in the first half.

Skipper Parke and the other Jamaican defenders proved too slow, and employed the third back tactics, with the result that the Malvern halves fed their forwards long passes which were invariably accepted before the slow defenders could get back.

Young, dashing Malvern centre forward, Fedo Blake, netted all three goals, and two more, which were ruled off-side.

In the dying stages of the game Garcia appeared like a duck shooting gallery before the bombarding forwards. Garcia brought off some fine "saves" throughout the game.

Trinidad born Malcolm McLean was given a "big hand" by the crowd, which numbered 9,000, and played, a sterling, untiring game, equalled only by the brilliance of J. K. Holt (inner right), the only Jamaican who looked like scoring.

Bayliss Hurt

Ten minutes before full time, Bayliss suffered injury in a clash with left-winger Lynch, and had to be taken off the field for the rest of the match. His injuries are not considered serious.

Experts here agree that the Jamaicans defence, as seen this afternoon, is too slow to employ the third back game, and they would be literally overwhelmed by Trinidad's fast forwards in the "test" match on Thursday.

Blake could not find a place on the Trinidad side in the first "test" against British. Guiana, but is now certain to play in the Jamaica match.

The Jamaican forwards impressive game today was unfortunately starved by the defenders, and despite their defeat, the Jamaican's clean football endeared them to the crowd.

Malvern team: S. Hinds, Blackman, Drakes, Greerer, Pierre, Waldron, Carr, Hinds, Blake, Springer, Lynch.
Jamaica: Garcia, Willis, Wilson, Bayliss, Parke, McLean, Smith. Mason, Brown, Holt, Hall.