Policemen Guard A Football "Court"

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

The Trinidad "Guardian" of September 20 published the following:

Behind barred gates and with two non-commissioned officers of the Constabulary keeping guard at the entrance, the Emergency Committee of the Trinidad Amateur Football Association met to investigate the incident which led to the cessation of the Casuals-Everton First Class Football match on Saturday last.

The decision will be given out officially to-day after the Emergency Committee meets finally at the office of Mr. F. J. Leotaud this morning.

The investigation which lasted for than two hours, was held in secrecy.

A mounted constable paraded outside the enclosure on the northern side to prohibit persons from even coming near the iron rails.

Mr. F. J. Leotaud, President of the Trinidad Amateur Football Association, was the President of the 'court,' which consisted of Mr. Dickson Fraser, Mr. George Radix and Rev. Fr. O'Hanhahan.

Mr. A. Wilkinson, the fifth member of the 'court' was absent. He sailed for Barbados.

Mr. E. A. Hinds, the Secretary of the Trinidad Amateur Football Association took the notes for the 'court.'


After the evidence of 16 witnesses was heard and the report of Mr. R. Govia was laid, the "court" caused the witnesses to retire and leave the building.

They then sat for more that one hour to deliberate on the evidence that had been taken.

A "Guardian" representative was officially informed by Mr. E. A. Hinds, that no decision would be given out last night, as the committee would have to draft their report.

F. Charles with a bandaged hand was the most conspicuous witness at the inquiry.