Toros, Aztecs go in soccer championship

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Daily Review

MIAMI (UPI) -- The Miami Toros will pit their strong defense against the high-scoring Los Angeles Aztecs in the Orange Bowl Sunday for the North American Soccer League championship.

The game, to be televised-by CBS on Channel 10 only, is rated by oddsmakers as a tossup because the Toros have the advantage of playing on their home field.

Although the Toros mailed out 30,000 discount tickets the week before the championship game, officials are expecting only 20,000 soccer fans to show up for the title match.

The Aztecs, rated as having the league's most potent offense, advanced to the finals last week with a 2-0 win over the Boston Minutemen. The Toros, who allowed only 23 goals to be scored against them this season, advanced to the championship game by overpowering Dallas 3-1.

The Aztecs paced by 1974 rookie-of-the-year Striker Douglas McMillan, scored 39 goals this season, but had 36 scores against them.

McMillan scored 30 points this season with 10 goals and 10 assists. He is backed by right winger Uri Banhoffer with seven goals and 18 points and the potent midfield duo of Tony Douglas and Luis Marotte, who scored 16 and 12 points during the season.

Miami's often explosive attack is led by All-League wingers Steven David and Warren Archibald, who was injured early in the season and didn't score his first goal until the ninth game of the 20-game season. Archibald finished with five goals and three assists for 13 points and David scored 13 goals for 26 points.

Miami's all-star center midfielder Roberto Aquirre is still recovering from a pulled hamstrung and is expected to be replaced in the Toros lineup by Ken Mallender.

The battle of the nets will be fought by Miami's Osvaldo Toriani. who had 158 saves and a 1.20 average, and Bias Sanchez of Los Angeles, who had 120 saves and a [illegible] average.

Toros Coach John Young, who brought his team to the championship game in its second year in Miami, was named the league's coach of the year. The Aztecs are coached by veteran Alex Perolli.