Harvard Bows In NCAA Soccer

Date Published: 
Bridgeport Post

MIAMI (AP)—Ian Bain picked up Felix Acqui's corner kick and slammed it in from point blank range Tuesday night to give Howard University a 1-0 victory over Harvard in an NCAA Soccer Championships semi-finals game in the Orange Bowl.

Freshman Bain, one of eight players from Trinidad on the Howard roster, already was moving when Acqui's kick was headed toward the goal by Alvin Henderson.

Harvard goalie Shep Messing, planted outside the goal in an attempt to defend against the kick, was unable to get back in time and Bain's shot slammed into an empty goal.

Neither team showed much offensive ability in the first half of a game which saw a lot of body contact.

In the second half, Henderson ricocheted a shot off the Harvard goal's crossbar, and Charlie Thomas of Harvard bounced one off the left post of the Howard goal.