Minor Teams Win From Dartmouth In Friday Games

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Harvard Crimson

Tech Places Second in University Race With Gilman Leading--Freshman Soccer Team Meets Exeter

In three minor sports events yesterday afternoon. Harvard whitewashed the invaders from Dartmouth. The soccer team won, 3 to 1, while the University and Freshman cross country teams, in three-cornered matches with the Big Green and M. I. T., both won first places.

In the University cross country meet, Harvard took first, garnering seven consecutive places, from second through eighth. Gilman of Tech led the runners, the first Dartmouth harrier to finish being Langley. Arthur Foote '33 led the Crimson runners. The score of this meet was Harvard 20, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 54, Dartmouth 68. The Freshman race, held over a shorter course, was also won by the Crimson, with 30 points, Dartmouth being second with 51, and Tech third with 61.

Harvard Wins Soccer

Dartmouth opened the soccer game with a rush, but the Crimson immediately recovered, and took the lead when D. M. Frame '32 kicked the ball into the net after being assisted by two other players. In the second period, W. D. Vogel ocC tallied again, and the final Harvard point was made by J.W. Carrigan '31. Dartmouth made its only score in the last period.

This afternoon the Freshman soccer team will journey to Exeter, where it will meet the strong preparatory school team. Exeter has defeated Worcester, while both Worcester and the Freshmen have defeated Dean Academy. The captain of the first year team will be elected after the game is played.

The summaries:


Faude, g. -- g., Deisel
Des Roches, r.f.b. -- r.f.b., Flaccus
Catinella, l.f.b. -- l.f.b., Henry
E.C. Carter. r.h.b. -- r.h.b., Seixas, Kramer
W.D. Carter, Waters, c.h.b. -- c.h.b., Allen
Bland, l.h.b. -- l.h.b., Robinson
Grover, Eaton, o.r.f. -- o.r.f., King
Eaton, Broadbent, i.r.f. -- i.r.f., Eagan
(Capt.) Vogel, c.f. -- c.f., Stollmeyer
Frame, i.l.f. -- i.l.f., Richardson
Carrigan, o.l.f. -- o.l.f., Jeffery

Score--Harvard 3, Dartmouth 1. Goals--Frame, Vogel, Carrigan, Jeffery. Referee--G. Howarth. Time--Four 22-minute periods.

Cross Country

University race: Gilman (M.I.T.); Arthur Foote '33; J. W. Fox '32; B.E. Estes '32; J .W. Fobes '32; G. N. Barrie '32; R. P. Wesley '33; David Cobb '31; Langley (D).

Freshman race: Hall (M.I.T.); Mason (M.I.T.); Goss (D); J. N. Estabrook '34; A. B. Hallowell '34; R.F. Estes '34; T. A. Robinson '34; James Parton '34; Barrett(M.I.T.).