Crimson Soccer Men Engage Syracuse On New York Field

Date Published: 
Harvard Crimson

University Eleven Faces Mid-season Test With Full Strength

Faude, g. -- g., Davis
Kerness, l.f.b. -- r.f.b., Eaton
Stollmeyer, r.f.b. -- l.f.b., Jones
Rudd, l.h.b. -- r.h.b., Tarnower
W. Carter, c.h.b. -- c.h.b., Hughes
Bland, r.h.b. -- l.h.b., Pierce
Grover, o.l. -- o.r., Kronick
Carrigan, i.l. -- i.r., Warren
Des Roches, c.f. -- c.f., Schantz
Vogel, i.r. -- i.l., Vannostrand
Boude, o.r. -- o.l., Motalvo

The University soccer team meets the highly-reputed Syracuse eleven at Syracuse this afternoon in a game which will test the Crimson defense on all points of the game.

The only comparative score which is available is that of the Dartmouth contests. Syracuse defeated Dartmouth in an early season encounter, while the University team lost a close game to the Hanoverian invaders. Otherwise both teams have had seasons marred by defeat although the Orange eleven has the edge on victories won.

The Harvard players have been improving steadily during the past week's practices, and should be nearly at the peak of their form for today's clash.