Injured Booters Are Back For Penn Contest

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Harvard Crimson

Bodde Wins Promotion To First String Ranks

A squad of 14 Crimson soccer players accompanied by the manager and Coach John Kershaw will leave this morning for Philadelphia to encounter the Pennsylvania booters tomorrow morning The injuries that weakened the Crimson squad in the game last week with Williams have improved so rapidly that the doctors have pronounced the whole squad in fine shape.

Two of the Crimson mainstays, E. F. Clark '28, right fullback, and Reid Ryan '28, right halfback, have recovered from their injuries, and will be ready to start against Penn tomorrow. Clark has been out since the Dartmouth game when he pulled a tendon. Playing in the Penn game will also be one of the stars of last year's Freshman team, Durk Bodde '30.

The 14 men who will make the trip are Bernard Barnes '30, A. R. Blackburn '29, Durke Bodde '30, J. F. Carr '28, E. F. Clark '28, N. R. Danielian '28, L. L. Driggs '28, P. T. Haskell '28, S. C. Henry '29, Louis Kerness '29, A. S. Rudd '29, Reid Ryan '28, W. J. Salmon '30, Alexander Stollmeyer '30. Coach Jack Kershaw, and S. W. R. Langdon '29.