1930 Soccer Stars Are Named By Carr

Date Published: 
Harvard Crimson

Penn Has Two: Harverford, Dartmouth, Navy Get One Each--Two Crimson Men on Second Team

Three Harvard, three Yale, two Pennsylvania players, and one each from Dartmouth, Navy, and Haverford were included in the All-American soccer team picked yesterday afternoon by J. F. Carr-'28, coach of the Harvard University soccer team. The second team included two each from Harvard and Yale, and one from Brown, Cornell, Haverford, Navy, Northeastern, Penn State, and Princeton.

Carr's first team selection was as follows: g., J. P. Faude '31; r.f.b., P. J. Catinella '32; l.f.b., Whitelaw, Yale; r.h.h., Baker, Haverford; c.h.b., Stere, Navy: l.h.b., Luce, Yale; r.o.f., R. Morris, Yale; r.i.f., Stollmeyer, Dartmouth: c.f., Anderson, Pennsylvania; l.i.f., D. M. Frame '32; l.o.f., Kullman, Pennsylvania.

The second team is as follows: g., Hardy, Yale; r.f.b., Potts, Haverford; l.f.b., McGinn, Brown; r.h.b., Nelson, Yale; c.h.b., Dakin, Penn State; l.h.b., J. R. Bland '31; r.o.f., Shovestul, Navy; r.i.f., H. H. Broadbent '32; c.f., Jenifer, Princeton; l.i.f., Cavalho, Cornell; l.o.f., Tiffany, Northeastern.

Of the Harvard men picked for the first team, Faude has played a consistently good game at goal; it was his brilliant work during the second half of the Yale game which prevented a larger Eli score. Catinella has been the backbone of the Crimson defense, while Frame has been a powerful factor in the Harvard attack throughout the season. Of the two Harvard men placed on the second team. Bland was captain of the 1930 soccer team, while Broad-bent was yesterday chosen leader of next fall's eleven. The position of one player was changed, in order that he might be placed on the first team, even though outclassed at his own position. Stollmeyer of Dartmouth, brother of A. M. Stollmeyer '30, captain of last year's Harvard eleven, was shifted for this reason from center to right inside forward.

The predominance of Harvard, Yale, and Pennsylvania players on the first team is explained by the fact that these three colleges tied for the leadership of the Intercollegiate Soccer League, each having lost one game. Yale defeated Harvard in the Crimson's final game of the season, 1 to 0.