Smith Replaces Holt In Jamaica's Team Against Trinidad Today

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Jamaica Gleaner

Capt. Says We Are Gradually Getting Use To Soggy Ground.
Detailed Report Of First Match Against Malvern

(Special cable to the "Gleaner" from our Trinidad correspondent)
(Gleaner copyright, 1947)

PORT OF SPAIN, Nov. 7: Jamaica has made a single change in their team to meet Trinidad in the third Test tomorrow, with Smith replacing Holt.

Parke told me today that the Jamaicans are gradually getting accustomed to the Queen's Park Savanna Ground, using pegs to get a grip on the rainsoaked turf.

Although the Jamaicans themselves have no exuses to offer for their defeat, I gather that the muddy and uneven Savannah ground is totally different to Sabina Park's "Billiard Board."

The Trinidad Selectors, following a welter of criticism from all sides, have brought in Phil Doughlin, Carlton Hinds and Fedo Blake, crack Malvern forwards for tomorrow's game, replacing Ganteaume, Douglas and White.

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Nov. 4 (From our Correspondent): Jamaica footballers suffered a severe setback yesterday afternoon by losing three goals to nil to Malvern, who are rated by the best judges of the game as the finest soccer outfit in the land.

Inability to the pace of a strange ground was given as the chief reason for their defeat by Jamaica's soccer board of strategy. This in your correspondent's opinion was in a small measure responsible for the visitor's setback, the real reason I believe is the fact that the Jamaica defence units, particularly skipper Parkes in pivotal position, were too slow to employ the third back formation against a Malvern forward line that was moving almost twice as fast as they, and deadly accurate to boot.

The visitors switched on their third back tactics from the kick off, and it would be no exaggeration to say that the powerful Malvernites were somewhat perplexed, confronted as they were by a formation utterly new to them, and hardly ever seen in soccer here.

In those opening moments of the game, centre forward Brown and inside left Holt made some dangerous thrusts that might have matured in goals, had not the Malvern full backs been on the alert.

Offensive Short Lived

The Jamaica offensive was short lived as it was perplexing, for soon the Malvern halves retaliated with long passes which their wingers collected with time to spare. The Jamaicans used a formation which made it appear that forwards as well as defenders were moving in a straight line. These tactics require speedy centre half and full backs, an old Trinidad intercolonial soccer star told me at the match. "Parkes moves much too slow for that sort of thing to work", he added.

Although they met no success whatever the tourists continued with the "three back" principle throughout the game. The Jamaican defence units just could not cope with the fast moving Malvern forwards.

The match brought a personal triumph for Fedo Blake, Malvern's centre forward who netted all three goals. This performance may well earn him selection on the Trinidad test side to meet Jamaica on Thursday.

Although Jamaica were well and truly beaten they were never demoralised, and despite the easy margin of defeat the match never took on the aspect of a rout. Outstanding Jamaican players were Holt, and centre forward Brown, who combined nicely, and made more efforts goalwards than any other of their colleagues on the attacking line.

A shining luminary in the Jamaica defence was Trinidad-born Malcolm McClean, who played left wing half. It was not surprising that Malcolm adapted himself to the run of the ground immediately, and played a great part in thwarting many of Malvern's onrushes.

Mason, Jamaica's inner right had the first try at Malvern's goal in the opening stages of the game. He put a lobbing shot which beat the cross bar by inches, but goalkeeper Hinds was in position to collect.

Brown, Holt and Hall figured in a few audacious thrusts to the Malvern goal area, timely interceptions by full backs Blackman and Drakes averting certain goals.

The Jamaican offensive turned out to be only a passing phase, for soon the scene shifted to Jamaica's goal area where right winger Paul Carr touched off a swift forward movement by heading a sitter wide of the goal from very close up.

On only one occasion again during the first half of the game did the Jamaica forwards test the Malvern custodian, and that was when Brown put a vicious header to Hinds from a free kick taken by Parkes, but the keeper was in place and tipped the sphere over the cross bar.

Malvern and all Trinidad left winger, Lio Lynch, brought the crowd to its feet when he raced down field in a solo effort, shot a sizzling low one which was beautifully saved by Garcia.

The First Goal

Malvern's first goal came as Blake ran between full backs Willis and Wilson and hooked the ball one-time out of the reach of Garcia.

At this stage of the game Malvern had clearly demonstrated that their forwards were too fast for the Jamaica defence men, whom they were outwitting and outrunning at every turn.

Lass than six minutes after this success, Malvern forwards still on the warpath chalked another goal on the tins. Fedo Blake, collecting from inner right "Squeakie" Hinds, dribbled past Willis, and finding himself with only the goalkeeper to deal with, made no mistake in finding the nets.

Soon afterwards the half time whistle sounded finding Malvern two goals up with no reply!

Right after the resumption Holt sent a scorcher taken from a free kick outside the area, which was neatly steered over the bar by Hinds.

Another goal effort by Holt followed, but this marked the end of further efforts in this direction by the Jamaican forwards, for from then until the end of the match, Malvern carried out a sustained attack on their opponent's goal, which fetched three goals, two of which were ruled off-side by referee Harold Burnett.

"Squeakie" Hinds tore past Wilson and almost ran in the Jamaica goal with the sphere, but was ruled off-side.

Malvern were in complete control of the game, and one could have counted the times that the sphere played in the Malvern goal area on the fingers of one hand.

Only a few moments elapsed before Malvern scored another "off-side" goal, this time it came from the boot of Blake.

The crowd evidently differed from the referee's ruling, and jeered and booed vociferously.

Bayliss apparently kicked into the block when trying to stop a rush from Lynch, and received injury to his right leg. He took no further part in the game.

Weakened Defence

Malvern further pressed home their attack on the weakened Jamaica defence, and before the final whistle was sounded, Fedo Blake receiving from Hinds, netted a hot shot that gave Garcia no chance.

Teams were: Malvern: Goal; S. Hinds; Backs: J. Blackman, C. Drakes; Halves; Grier, P. Pierre, C. Waldron; Forwards: P. Carr, C. Hinds, Blake, F. Springer, Lio Lynch.

Jamaica: Goal: Garcia, Willis, Wilson; Bayliss, Parkes, McClean; Smith, Mason, Brown, Holt, Hall.

Newspaper Report

TRINIDAD, Nov. 4 (Trinidad Guardian)—Malvern, who in their first year of first class football have carried all before them in T.A.F.A., added more lustre to their already brilliant record when they gave the Jamaica team a 3-0 drubbing before a big crowd on the Association ground in front off the stand.

This was Jamaica's initial game, and after starting at a terrific pace they faded early and never seemed to catch the pace of the ground.

They adopted the "three back" principle, but their defenders were on the slow side and could not cope with the pace of the speedy Malvern quintet.

It was a big day for Fedo Blake Malvern centre-forward, who got all three goals scored by his team.

Blake sent the Trinidad crowd cheering wildly when he climaxed a fine movement with a beautiful placement, somewhere in the middle of the first session, and scored again before half-time.

Two Offside Goals

The ball was lodged in the Jamaica team's net no fewer than three occasions in the second half, but two were ruled offside.

Most outstanding Jamaica player was Malcolm McLean, former Trinidad ace, who lined up at left half, and seemed quite at home on the ground.

With hardly an exception Malvern played well to a man, had a much bigger share of the game, and deserved the victory.

The Game

Jamaica forwards displayed a very lively pace as the game got under way, and Smith and Mason were outstanding in their attacks.

Malvern defence was taxed to the utmost in this early period, but when the game swung to the other side the local boys nearly scored, Carr heading on the bar a Lynch centre.

Malvern's raids were spectacular after this. Lio Lynch made a hair-raising solo run and shot low and hard, but goalkeeper Garcia held nicely.

Soon after came Blake's fine effort and Malvern's first goal; Blake moved somewhat to inside right position and just got the ball in front a defender to hook it out of Garcia's reach.

Malvern took almost complete charge of affairs after this, and five minutes later Blake took a long centre from the half line, dribbled up nicely, and scored with a high left foot shot from point blank range.

Half-time found the score 2-0.

Malvern continued to keep the ball in their opponents' area and almost scored right after the resumption when Hinds put a Blake centre outside, from near up.

The Jamaicans went up-field: Hall delayed in shooting, Holt shot wide, and Malvern were at it again and the ball went back to Jamaica's area.

Jamaica later got a free kick outside the area, and Holt placed a high, hard shot, but Syl Hinds put it over the bar to give Jamaica their first corner.

Blake just missed from near up when Malvern attacked, while Holt again figured as Jamaica carried the ball upfield. Then Jamaica got two corners in quick succession, but to no avail.

It was mostly all Malvern, although Jamaica did make a spurt at this stage.

"Squeakie" Hinds just got one in Jamaica's nets, but it was ruled offside, then right after another Blake shot found its mark, but it was not allowed.

Viviari Bayliss, the Jamaica right half, was injured at this stage and left the field.

With the Jamaica defence thus weakened Malvern raided again, and Blake, collecting a Hinds centre, scored.

Jamaica had two narrow escapes, in both instances Paul Carr, and Blake shot on the goalkeeper from near up.

Once Jamaica had a try, but centre forward Brown kicked high; then later delayed and Blackman cleared as he shot.

The game ended with no further scoring.

Mr. H Burnett refereed, while Mr. P. Jones and Mr. K Henderson were linesmen.