Pemberton XI Play Practice Game Friday

Date Published: 
Trinidad Guardian

Pemberton League footballers will play a practice match today, in preparation for their visit to Grenada.

The match will be played on the Queen's Park Savannah starting at 3.30 p.m.

Following are the teams—"A" in colours, E. Paul; H. Cyrus and A. Charles; L. Clarke, H. G. Clarke (capt.), L. Price, I. Moore, M. Gooding, V. Greer, F. Blake, G. Worrell.

The "B" team in white shirts—C. Mills; B. Carrington, R. Carrington; B. Gooleharan, M. Dookie, O. Forde; M. Julien, B. Jones, C. Manners (Capt.), B. Harding and R. Julien.

Reserves: R. Munro, R. Belle, H. Hislop and R. Hackett.

Referee will be Mr. Joe Williams.

Players may wear soft shoes, and those unable to turn up, are asked to notify the secretary of the League.