Triangular Soccer Tourney May Resume

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Trinidad Guardian

Major Rooks Tells Of Team' Display In 1st Barbados Game

Probability that a triangular soccer tournament with Trinidad, Barbados, and British Guiana contenting honours will be played here later on in the year, was expressed by Major Courtenay Rooks, President of the T.A.F.A. on his return from Barbados by 'plane yesterday morning.

Major Rooks witnessed Saturday's match at Kensington in which Trinidad handed out a five-one drubbing to Spartan Club eleven, and was greatly impressed by the manner in which the team played.

He said that off the field the players were a happy bunch of fellows, like one big family, and as this moulded the team spirit on the field of play, he expected a lot from the boys.

He discussed the players in their initial appearance on the hard Kensington ground, and stated that Carlton Downes, Colts left winger, who lined up at right winger for Trinidad, gave a grand display.

There was a strong cross-wind to which, added to the hard ground, the players will have to get accustomed, and Downes was played right wing again yesterday against the Second Division combined XI to get more practice.

Goal-keeper R. Merritt did not have very much to do. He could have run out and got the ball before the goal was scored against him, Major Rooks explained, but he was in two minds, and the forward received the ball and scored.

Merritt gathered a difficult high ball very nicely, and cleverly took another off a player's boot, but that was about all he did.

John Sampson at Kensington was not the same Sampson we know here, Major Rooks stated. He was splicing the ball and was not at all too sure of himself, and was left in the side for yesterday to learn some more of the ground.

"Dudley Husbands played something like his usual self," he asserted.

The half-back line more than carried their weight, Major Rooks went on.

Prior Jones, captain at centre half, played a really splendid game. He was not very spectacular, but passed the ball accurately and did a lot with the ball, while Raffie Knowles was also sound.


Downes gave a grand display, Bertie Thompson was not trapping the ball as good as he usually does, but most of the good work cam from his side: Rex Bernett and L. Lynch, on the left side were up to mark.

Ahamed Charles was below par. He scored two goals, but apart from that he never did anything right, Major Rooks said. He never got the pace of the ground or anything.

Barbados played a man short in the second-half, goal-keeper Fred Cozier having been knocked out by a smashing Burnett shot from five yards out. The ball hit Cozier on his chin and he went right out. After being rendered first aid he came back on the field, but folded up in another raid.

The score was 3-0 at this stage. The player, who relieved Cozier, did well in goal.


Major Rooks regretted that Cesar Foster was ill; John Goddard was not playing soccer again; and with Roger Blackman and Derek Sealy in Trinidad and Puss Parris away with the forces, the all-Barbados team might not be up to its best strength, but there were a lot of brilliant youngsters who would provide Trinidad with a lot of opposition.

The first test match on Thursday will be broadcast, as will be the other two tests.

Captain J.O. Cutteridge, former T.A.F.A. president, now in Barbados, is paying a great deal of interest in the activities of the side and this afternoon will hold a cocktail party at Goddard's for the touring side and officials, the Barbados players and officials.

Major Rooks concluded by saying that he thought the Trinidad team would continue in their winning vein.