Four-Way Football League Starts

Date Published: 
Aruba Esso News

With the opening matches played at Lago Heights and Santa Cruz, a new four-team football competition started August 11. It is called the Viana Round Robin Competition and the cup donated by M. Viana will go to the winning team at the end of play. The four teams battling for the cup are British Guiana, Surinam, Trinidad and Jong Holland. A committee composed of the manager and captain of each team has been appointed and is carrying on the work of the league.

In the first matches British Guiana beat Trinidad 5-1 at Lago Heights Field, and at Santa Cruz, Surinam beat Jong Holland by 2-0, August 11.

The remainder of the schedule:

August 18
Jong Holland vs. Trinidad (Lago Heights)
Surinam vs. B. G. (Santa Cruz)
August 25
Trinidad vs. Surinam (Lago Heights)
Jong Holland vs. B. G. (Santa Cruz)