George Cumberbatch dies at 90

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Trinidad Express

George Cumberbatch M.O.M.George Cumberbatch

GEORGE CUMBERBATCH, a recipient of a Trinidad and Tobago national award for service to the country, passed away yesterday at age ninety (90).

Cumberbatch made a tremendous contribution to Trinidad and Tobago, and in 1979 was awarded the Medal of Merit gold for public service, administration and sport. A former Queen's Royal College educator, Cumberbatch was also an acting postmaster general and was involved with the Fire and Ambulance brigade. He once served as manager of the National Stadium, which later became the Hasely Crawford Stadium, and also served on the Trinidad and Tobago Sports Foundation.

Cumberbatch is a past president of both the Trinidad and Tobago Referees Association and the Northern Amateur Football Association. Cumberbatch was also a netball referee in the Port of Spain league, as well as a boxing referee. He officiated in the famous two-fight series featuring Guyana's Lennox Blackmoore and T&T's former world lightweight champion Claude Noel.

Cumberbatch lived at #3 Jerningham Avenue Belmont.