FCoTT Committees

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1. Finance/Planning Committee
Chairman: To be nominated
- To control the financial administration of the company
- To advise the Board on the management of its finances
- To prepare the budget of the Company and examine those of the various Sub Comniittees
- To supervise the financial accounts of the company and to authorise the Chief Executive Officer to make the payments, after verification.

2. Operations/Protocol Committee
Chairman: George Leid
- This committee shall be responsible for the operation of events in accordance with such specific directives which shall be issued from time to time.
- To deal with all matters of protocol during FCOTT matches, meetings or other events in which FCOTT is involved.
- To draw up relevant proposals for the Board.

3. Legal Committee
Chairman: Nazimuddin Mohammed
- To take counsel, give advice and adopt a position on all cases, disputes or enquiries submitted to the company.
- To follow the development of the statutes and regulations under which matches shall be organised.

4. Media/Promotion & Marketing Committee
Chairman: Garth Gooding
- To advise the Chief Executive Officer and the Board on matters involving public relations and work with the news media.
- To develop proposals regarding FCOTT or other publications and, if need be, assist in their conception and preparation.
- To advise the respective Sub Committees regarding the conditions for the Organisation of work by the media at FCOTT events; to draw up terms of reference, to prepare and carry out the accreditation procedure for media representatives and to supervise the Organisation of the media.