Great Britain v. Caribbean F.A.

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Ipswich Town FC

Great Britain v. Caribbean F.A.Official Programme



No. 10. Sunday, 10th October, 1959

Kick-Off 3 p.m.



Ipswich Town football club offer a warm welcome to the first ever full representative touring party from the West Indies. The manager is that energetic, versatile and likeable character Eric Roy James and he, it is true to say, is the guiding hand behind football in the Caribbean.

Eric R. JamesEric R. James

Eric, in this private life, is chief accountant of the Trinidad Government Railway and since 1942 has been both secretary and treasurer of the Trinidad F.A. At first he organised only local matches and competitions in his own island and later graduated to tours to Barbados, Jamaica and other West Indian islands.

In 1953 he made great progress when he brought a Trinidad team to tour England and a year later the F.A. sent out a side to the West Indies. In 1957 the British Caribbean F.A. was inaugurated at Kingston in Jamaica and Eric was appointed secretary-treasurer. His gigantic efforts have culminated in this tour to Great Britain.

The assistant-manager, George Abrahams, comes from Jamaica—the largest of the West Indian islands. He is Honorary secretary of the Jamaica F.A. and was responsible for the conference which led to the inauguration of the British Caribbean F.A. George has a wonderful sense of humour and is a sound organiser.

The party is trained by Noel Pouchet, a car salesman in Trinidad. He is a member of the Port of Spain Football League council and has the knack of imparting his great knowledge of the game to all players under his control.

Today, at Portman Road, the West Indians are sure to be playing all out against the best that amateur football in Great Britain can provide.


Patrick Gomez (goalkeeper). Captain of the touring party and of his club side in Trinidad. Toured England in 1953 with the Trinidad team and gave some fine performances. He is only 5-ft. 9-ins. but has fine anticipation.

Tyrone de la Bastide (right-back). A 21 year old who this season represented Trinidad. He is fast, tackles hard and is quick to recover.

Hubert Braithwaite (left-back). Has represented British Guiana since 1950 and been capped on twelve occasions. A six footer with a strong kick in either foot.

Edward Aleong (right-half). A six footer who has represented Trinidad. A clever ball player with a hard shot.

Montague Hope (centre-half). Has won four caps for British Guiana and started his career in 1954 with the St. Barnabas F.C. after coming from the Regional Youth Council junior team. Tackles firmly and distributes the ball well.

Doyle Griffith (left-half). A ball-playing wing-half from Trinidad, who first represented his island in 1950. He played in the Trinidad side that toured England and is a tireless wing-half.

William Rodriguez (outside-right). Nearly 21, he has represented Jamaica for the last two years. His positional play is sound and he is always a threat in the penalty area.

Sydney Bartlett (inside-right). Nearly 21, he has represented Jamaica for the last two years. His positional play is sound and he is always a threat in the penalty area.

Alvin Corneal (centre-forward). This is his first tour abroad. He represented Trinidad this year and is a natural ball player. A very useful all-round cricketer.

Ronald Gray (inside-left). One of the youngest members of the side, this Trinidad boy was born in England in October 1939. Educated at Trinity Academy School, Pointe-a-Pierre, Trinidad.

Alan Parker (outside-left). Represented Jamaica in 1953 against the England F.A. Has played against Argentina, Zurich and Milwaukee.

Great Britain v. Caribbean F.A.Great Britain v. Caribbean F.A.