Items of News

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette


The Royal Dutch Mail steamer Prince Fredrick Hendrik arriving here yesterday from Amsterdam, Paramaribo and Demerara brought 175 tons general cargo and the following passengers. From Amsterdam—Mr. A. A. Boem, and Mr. B. Fombons. From Paramaribo— Mr. H. E. McGill and servant. From Demerara—Messrs. J. B. Todd, D. M. Anderson, F. Brierly, G. Owen, R. Torrence, J. H. Hoadley, A. McCracken, E. Legge, W. Eccles, J. Rochford, G. Brierly, H. Bullock, T. Boyd, J. Eward, H. M. Buchanan, C. B. Price, E. Slack, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Ireland, and Rev.H. A. Melville.