Football in Demerara

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

Says the "Argosy," footballers in the colony will be interested by the presence in Georgetown of Mr. Herbert E. McGill. Mr. McGill is a keen football enthusiast and has taken a great interest in the pastime both in England, South Africa and Jamaica. He is one of the promoters of the Leeds City team, one of the leading "soccer" elevens in the North of England. For many years Rugby held supreme sway in Leeds and the surrounding country, but of late years there has been a change of opinion and Mr. McGill and, a few more enthusiasts helped to popularize the change by the promotion of the Leeds City Club. The success of the venture is shown by the many thousands of people who every Saturday attend the matches. Mr. McGill is himself an old "rugger" player of some note and can boast the ever coveted possession of his country's cap, won in days when the honour was harder to obtain than it is today. He played with Yorkshire regularly, and has figured in several of that county's most notable victories. Wherever he goes he carried the enthusiasm of an old player with him, and he is looking forward to the coming meeting between the representatives of Trinidad and those of Demerara with a keen amount of interest.