What The "Mudheads" Think Of The Trinidad Team

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

THE text of the appended paragraph, taken from the Daily Argosy of the 4th instant, evidence the feeling that is being entertained in British Guiana, with respect to the Trinidad team of footballers who will shortly leave this colony for the "Magnificient Province":—

Another practice game was put up by local footballers at Bourda yesterday. So far as one can judge, so far the Trinidad team when it gets here is going to find itself up against an attack which will take a whole lot of beating and which should go far to wiping out the memory of the last two tournaments between this colony and the island. Trinidad, it must be remembered, has no Blair this trip; it has no Tyrie; it has no Knox; it has no Pendric and it has no T. Jackson, who was, perhaps the finest back, and one of the finest goalkeepers who has ever turned out on the Bourda grass patch. It will be a less experienced team than any which have preceded it that will come over in the middle of the month and Demerara should make good some of the reverses which they have received in the past at the hands of the representatives of the land of the Humming Bird.