Barrington Helps Maple Outshine Stars

St. Clair Murraine
Date Published: 
Virgin Islands Daily News

Leftlink Jerome Barrington joined Barclay's Maple Upsetters late last year and was not able to make his experience an asset to the team in its losing series against Caines United for the St. Thomas soccer championship.

However, Sunday afternoon Barrington helped the Upsetters get off to a grand start, routing the Old Milwaukee Apollo Stars 7-1 at the College of the Virgin Islands field. The game was the opener of the St. Thomas Soccer association League.

Barrington put the Upsetters ahead 4-0 at half time as he drove in the opening goal at the 4:37 mark and the last one with one minute left in the session. He sent the second shot past Apollo's goal keeper Robert Gibbs, who said he had problems seeing when the ball reached near the net.

"One time I saw the ball then I didn't see it. The sun just kept shining in my eyes," said Gibbs while explaining he would have made a better showing playing under the lights. Sunday's game was played at the college field after flooding at Lionel Roberts prompted two postponements of the League's opening.

Some nine minutes before Barrington's second shot in the first half, Gerard Lewis added the clincher five minutes after Wayne Archer put the score at 3-0.

Early in the last 45 minutes of play it looks as though Apollo was on the way to a comeback. But it was never to happen as they missed several close calls after getting on the scoreboard with a free kick. Alvin Emanuel gave Apollo its only marker with the penalty drive after six minutes.

Both teams looked well balanced around midfield where the Apollo squad showed a good offense near the side lines. However, they were unable to dent Maple's defense whenever in scoring range. Rookie Steve Tyrill missed two key attempts -- the first and best shot came when Maple's goalie Patrick Boroughs stepped out of the net.

Tyrill drove the ball to within 30 feet of the net and maneuvered it to the left side of Boroughs who was unable to stop the drive. Fullback Lawrence Singh was a shade faster than Tyrill and got in to detour his kick.

Halfway through the half, Barrington got away for a goal that gave him a chance to show the savvy he gained as a member of Trinidad's national soccer team. He picked up Apollo's Leighton Taylor at centerfield and shoved the ball away, using some fancy footwork before positioning himself for the kick past Gibbs. Two minutes later Barrington was again a scorer with his final kick, which he practically walked into the net.

Wayne Gonzalez added the finishing touch with 15 minutes left.

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APOLLO STARS outnumber Maple Upsetter on play at midfield but could not do so on the score board. Maple went home with a 7-1 win over the promising Stars Sunday afternoon in the St. Thomas Soccer Association league opener at the College of the Virgin Islands field.