Howard Soccer Squad To Play In Nigeria

Date Published: 
Virgin Islands Daily News

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Howard University's soccer squad, along with several administrators and faculty representatives, will visit Nigeria from July 24 to August 7.

One purpose of the visit, according to news accounts from the university, is "to help expand the dimensions of international education and cultural commonalities among the peoples of African heritage."

Coordinating the visit is Lincoln Phillips, Howard's head soccer coach and a former goal keeper for the Trinidad and Tobago National Soccer Team.

Phillips said he is hopeful the visit to Nigeria will help the university in its goal of recruiting top black athletes.

"Many athletes of world class potential are from black nations and if the university demonstrates among black nations the necessity for unity among all black peoples of the world, it would go far to eradicate the difficulty of having good athletes turning down the opportunity of coming to Howard in preference to other schools," Phillips is quoted as saying.

Accompanying the team to Nigeria will be Dr. Carl Anderson, dean of student affairs; Ernest J. Wilson, foreign student advisor; Leo F. Miles, athletic director, and Dr. Okon Uya, council chairman of International Education and Cultural Exchange.