Cambridge Eleven Chosen

Date Published: 
UK Guardian

The following have been selected to represent Cambridge University against Oxford University at Stamford Bridge on Thursday, December 10:—

R. S. Grant (Trinidad and Christ's); G. A. Way (King's Lynn and Emmanuel), W. V. Owen (Aldenham and St. Catherine's); W. H. L. Lister (Malvern and Pembroke), L. C. Rumsey (St. Lawrence and Christ's), J. E. E. McLaren (St. Olave's and Christ's); R. De W. K. Winlaw (Winchester and St. John's), A. H. Fabian (Highgate and Pembroke), K. H. L. Cooner (Westminster and Pembroke), W. H. Webster (Highgate and Pembroke), and R. A. Taylor (Cambridge County and Downing).

The three old blues are Lister, Fabian and Webster.