Trindad Wins 3rd And Final Intercolonial Football Match

G. St. C. Scotter
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Jamaica Gleaner

Visitors Make Clean Sweep Of The Series
Jamaica Loses Many Splendid Chances Of Scoring In The First Half, And Trinidad Replies With Overwhelming Attack In The Second To Score A Well Merited 2-1 Victory.
Sutherland's Excellent Form.

Trinidad 2 (Sutherland) - Jamaica 1 (Sasso)

Trinidad WinsTrinidad Wins: The victorious Trinidad side which won the series outright at Sabina on Saturday. (L to R): Maynard, Merry, B. Henderson, L. Henderson, Thompson, Ambard, Wilkes, Alkins, Sutherland, Burnett, Tench.

HISTORY ONCE again repeated itself at Sabina Park on Saturday in the third and final match of the inter-Colony series between Jamaica and Trinidad.

In both of the first two matches Jamaica has had many chances, but has failed to realise them, and Trinidad's pace and persistence have enabled them to dominate the later stages of the game—on Saturday exactly the same thing happened, but to an intensified degree, both sides playing better football than in any match in the tour so far.

Jamaica, with her best side on the field, had a twenty minutes offensive in the first hald which had the Trinidad defence, excellect as they are, well beaten—during this period the Jamaica forwards had at least a dozen good chances to score, but shot wildly and inaccurately.

In the second half, being one goal down, Trinidad replied with an attack which was overwhelming in its sustained pace and control, and which left the Jamaica half line literally gasping for breath, and unable to hold them any longer.

During this period Trinidad scored two goals, and but for splendidly stubborn defence by Hadden and Pinkie Smith, and two of the finest saves ever seen by Groves in goal—would have had at least two more.

Jamaica's Attack

The Jamaica XIThe Jamaica XI: who lost in the third and final inter-colony match against Trinidad on Saturday. (L to R) back row: Pinkie Smith, Groves, Hadden; (middle) Parke, Scott, Lopez; (front) DaCosta, Sasso, DeLeon, Harvey, Kinkead.

Capt. Harvey won the toss for Jamaica; and kicked up with a brisk wind at his back.

Within two minutes Jamaica had a real piece of hard luck not to score, an attack from the right wing resulting in Harvey lobbing a pretty shot clean over Ambard's head only to see it bounce (against the upright, and come back into play) almost a football miracle one might say.

Coming again, this time from the left wing DeLeon positioned Harvey nicely, but he drove far over the top.

Then Alty Sasso and Huntley DaCosta ran through in a fine passing movement leaving Sasso just outside the area with only one back to beat, and with DeLeon and Harvey both unmarked in the centre.

Sasso had the choice of two alternatives—he could have passed inside to these two men, or he could have gone through himself with a fair certainty of beating the remaining defender who was out of position—but he took neither, and let go with a wild shot which went yards wide of the goal.

Trinidad then put on their first really dangerous attack, and Alkins and Sutherland beat the defence clean, to leave the latter with the ball at his toe within five yards of the goal—as he let go, however, Wylie Lopez, dropping apparently out of the blue sky, blocked the shot to save a certain goal.

Trinidad pressed for a while, and Scott did some great work at centre half—in fact he may be said to have been the outstanding player on the Jamaica side in this half, both his defensive play and his passing to the forward line being first class.

Two More Chances

Then came two more of Jamaica's chances—DeLeon, well positioned by Scott, shot from too far out when he could have come in for a practical certainty—and the alert Ambard gathered and cleared neatly—and Kinkead ran brilliantly through the defence, only to make a hopelessly bad shot from within three yards of the goal line.

Trinidad replied with another burst—Tench had hard luck just missing with a great shot, Sutherland shot wild, and Groves saved a nice one from L. Henderson.

The First Goal

Twenty minutes after the start Jamaica registered the first goal of the game—sent well away by Scott, DeLeon and Alty Sasso ran through prettily, for the St. George's centre to put it in a plate for Alty, and the latter to crash it into the net at close range, giving even Ambard no chance.

On the restart Alkins and Sutherland went away for Trinidad, but Parke pulled up the former when he looked clear through, much as Lopez had done previously with Sutherland.

Alty and Huntley again got away on the right, and Alty put in a neat shot which just dropped on top of the bar and had the goalie beaten. Harvey had a great chance—well positioned right in the area, and with plenty of time to shoot, he put it far over the top, as much to his own surprise as everyone else's.

DeLeon put in a nice ground shot to just miss the upright, and Sasso sent in a hard low one which Ambard anticipated and saved in good style.

Trinidad's Reply

As a rule at Sabina, after the the first half, the breeze is apt to fail—but our Trinidad visitors seem as popular with the clerk of the weather as with everybody else—for as they turned round after the first half, the breeze kept going, perhaps even a bit stronger than in the first half.

Away they went right from the blow of the whistle, Thompson got through, but missed from a fairly easy position.

Jamaica got a free kick, nicely taken by Pinkie, Ambard gathered well, but had some difficulty in clearing. Back at the attack again Trinidad forced two corners, both saved by the good work of Pinkie and Hadden.

The Trinidad line were now playing at great pace, and at the same time showing very fine ball control, Alkins and Sutherland especially moving up and down in "W" attacks that were leaving our half line helpless—and it was obvious that Scott, who had played so brilliantly in the first half, was beginning to "blow up," and also Parke.

Henderson got through and drove hard and high only to see Groves put it over the bar prettily—a fine save, but there was better to come.

Well positioned by Burnett, Henderson let drive with a terrific shot, one of the fastest I have seen, travelling only a foot from the ground and reaching the goal just inside—only to see Groves fling himself full length and turn the ball round the post—perhaps the best shot and best save ever seen at Sabina, even better than Ambard's great save from Sasso in the Kingston match—and immensely appreciated by the crowd.

But it could not last! Pinkie and Hadden were both playing splendidly. Groves was great, but the half line was gone—and the Trinidad boys were pressing all the time.

Trinidad Scores

Did Mike See It?Did Mike See It?: Yes, he did, and blew for it! Capt. Harvey, in a keen struggle near Trinidad's goal "hands off" Merry from the ball, while Maynard kicks in support.

From a free kick Tench put a fine shot just over; then Sutherland off a very fine centre from Burnett, equalised the score with a neat shot into the corner.

Henderson had another try, but sent just outside; and again, after some very pretty moves by Alkins and Sutherland, Henderson brought Groves almost to his knees with a hot one, leaving a scramble in the goal mouth, from which Jamaica escaped by an offside.

Tench who was playing cool and clever football throughout, gave Sutherland a lovely pass, and the latter again beat Groves to put Trinidad ahead to the match, and made a clean sweep of the series.

As always, appreciative of good football, the crowd applauded enthusiastically, in spite of seeing their hopes of even a draw shattered.

Jamaica made a last effort to equalise—Sasso working hard on the right but holding on a little too long on one occasion,—the second passing neatly into centre, for Harvey to just miss with a good header.

Jamaica got a free kick just outside the area, but DeLeon, over anxious, got offside,—and that was the Island's last chance to equalise.

For Trinidad, Tench played a cool, clever game that supported his forward line most effectively—Alkins and Sutherland showed us ball control and pace of a very high order, and were finely supported by the other forwards; Maynard was not quite as good as usual, but Merry was better; Ambard did not get quite as much chance to shine as in the other matches, as the Jamaica forwards put the ball everywhere but in the goal mouth.

For Jamaica, Scott played a lovely game at centre half in the first half, but could not stick the pace. Wylie Lopez was good throughout; both Hadden and Pinkie Smith stuck to it in great style—Groves was great—and the forwards did everything but score.

G. St. C. Scotter

A Huge Crowd

A huge gathering saw Trinidad clinch the, series with an impressive and convincing display and cheered them to the echo.

Before play was started, the members of both sides were presented to the Hon. Sir Robert Lyall-Grant, Chief Justice of Jamaica, who was accompanied by Mr. W. J. Palmer, President of the Football Association.

Prominent among those present were also Lady Lyall-Grant, the Right Rev. Bishop Hardie, D.D.; Sir William Morrison, the Hon. M. V. Camacho, K.C.; the Hon. F. G. Grant, O.B.E., President of the West Indies Cricket Board of Control; Mr. B. H. Easter and Mrs. Easter, Messrs. Lindsay Downer, W. C. Buie, Dr. Eugene Gideon, Messrs. Bertram Burrowes, Braham Judah, S. R. Braithwaite.

Yesterday the Trinidadians left for Montego Bay and will play a combined team there this afternoon. The tourists leave the island to-morrow.

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