Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette

The Arima Football Club will be engaged in a practice match this evening. Teams will be captained by S. Brooks and V. Guillen respectively. The following members are asked to turn up at 4.30 p.m. sharp:

V.Guillen's XI—Goal, R. Ramkesoon.
Backs: R. Lewis, A. Orosco.
Half Backs: M. Cheong, B. Gill, O. Fereira.
Forwards: N. Guillen (capt), B. Reyes, F. Rudolpho, R. Lathuillerie, O. Paredes.
Reserves: E. Clovis, W. Davis.

S. Brooks' XI—Goal, Geo. Edwards.
Backs: R. Madoo, A. Rodriguez
Half Backs: S. Williams, M. P. Gasper, J. Jordan.
Forwards: A. Akow, G. Davis, J. P[illegible], Jacobson, S. Brooks (capt).
Reserve: E. Cropper.