Brighton vs. La Pique

Date Published: 
Port-of-Spain Gazette


The second match in the Bennett Cup competition, that of Brighton vs. La Pique, was played on the Paradise ground on Wednesday afternoon, and it is not too much to say that Paradise Pasture resembled from the number of people in attendance, the St. Clair Oval when Inter-Colonial champions are competing in the Sports, or like Queen's Park Savannah on racing occasions when famous horses from the other Colonies are taking part. The area was roped round and chairs provided.


The play opened with Brighton at the Western goal, and although some dashing play was witnessed up to the time when the first half ended, no goals were scored.

The second half was fast and the players made determined efforts to score, but up to the call of time nothing was done.


Twenty minutes extension of time was allowed, and Brighton scored one goal within the first ten minutes of play from a free kick, amid cheers. Night then began to set in with Brighton at the Eastern goal. Laurence of La Pique got possession and a scrimmage took place on the near right side of Brighton's goal posts to defeat his intention. But the ball went outside of the mix-up and Laurence kicked it into the goal. Brighton's goal keeper having fallen after delivering a kick at the ball which caught Laurence instead and felled him to the ground. Pandemonium then set in—bats, sticks and umbrellas were thrown in the air, the crowd took possession of the field, and bolstering Laurence on w[illegible] shoulders, they conveyed him up to the Pavillion. Darkness had now set in, but referee Melhuish blew his whistle for a resumption of play. Laurence got away from the crowd and came running back to resume. But the cheering crowd followed him so that the game could bot be continued. A tie thus having resulted the game is to be replayed. The visitors played a straight, manly game as well as did the homesters, but the crowd, whether rightly or wrongly, seemed greatly disheartened at Melhuish's refereeing.