HMCS Nootka Football Team

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Duncan Dunn
HMCS Nootka Football Team

The photo on the jetty was taken in 1947 while the ship was in Port of Spain Trinidad and just before going ashore to play the local team who beat Nootka soundly. The game was followed by a dinner sponsored by city officials. It was a great experience for the Nootka team. Click to enlarge. (Submitted by Duncan Dunn)

1- Duncan Dunn (PO RT 2/C), 2- Unidentified, 3- Mort Keeler (Cox'n), 4- Bill Owens (Signalman), 5- "Fergie" Ferguson (Chief EA and Team Captain), 6- Unidentified, 7- Unidentified, 8- Andy Chartrand (PO PTI), 9- Art Myatt (PO Cook), 10- Stoker PO, 11- Chief ERA, 12- Lt.Cdr. M.G. Sterling (Captain), 10- Stoker PO, 11-, 12- Lt. McCormack ("Jimmy"), 13-, 14- S.Lt. A. Cochran, 15- Unidentified, 16- Unidentified, 17- Unidentified