Secret training for Barbados

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, May 21. (Reuters):

The Barbados National Football squad has entered into secret training for their crucial first round pre-Olympic clash against Trinidad here on Sunday, confident of winning.

German-born coach Bernd Fischer said before leaving for the camp that he expected nothing new from the Trinidadians since their last encounter in Port of Spain on April 29.

He could not forsee any great improvement in the Trinidad team, which appeared to be relying on the same players with techniques and habits familiar to the Barbadians.

Mr. Fischer also acknowledged that the Barbadians would be starting with the advantage of playing the important third match on the home ground, with the support of local fans to cheer them on.

The two teams battled to draws in their first two previous encounters. On April 12 they draw one all here at Kensington Oval and then played to a goalless draw in Trinidad.

At the end of this game there must be a result so that one of the teams may advance to the second round against Surinam.

The game will be initially played for 90 minutes, but if there is no winner it will be extended for another 30 minutes. Failure to gain an advantage after 120 minutes of play will result in the awarding of penalties to both teams, and should this fail too, the match will be decided by tossing a coin.

In the secret camp it is expected that three players will be singles out for penalty kicking exercises.

Coach Fischer also hopes to build up the team's mid-field play and finishing — two weak points in the Barbados armour before Sunday.