High Cost Of Playing

Ruthven Baptiste
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Eddie Hart League Opening 1973Eddie Hart League Opening 1973

RAIN CAME but it didn't wash out the opening of the Eddie Hart Football League last Sunday, August 5. It seemed as if the St. Mary's Children's Home Band was calling wolf as it played "Rainorama" to the accompaniment of a slight drizzle and heavy overcast skies.

It was a relief to see a march past blending formality with informality, at the same time not seeking to hide the harsh socio-economic realities of the times. As the picture above shows the league's under 15 champions of last year Gaylettes, used the occasion to highlight the high cost of playing football, one placard bearer even posed the question, "armed revolution," Eddie Hart is at centre.

We have urged in Tapia Vol. 3 No. 24 that "boots should be given the boot". Boots are much too expensive and uncomfortable for the hard grounds we have throughout this country.

What we didn't urge then but we can say now, is that there is no good reason why balls and boots (suitable to national conditions, of course) cannot be manufactured locally.

The drag brothers, shoemakers and carnival costume builders have ably demonstrated their skills.

Merely to supply the national market for these commodities can provide jobs for hundreds.

If things continue as they are now, then armed revolution won't be satirically posed — it would be the stark reality.

So was a "Trinidad style" opening, as the invitation promised. The marchers past, no pretending to have military training but jumping to the calypso rhythms of the St. Mary's Home band, Carib Tokyo and Catelli All Stars.

The march past was followed by a match between the league's top two under 15 teams, Gaylettes and Fulham. In another game, representative league team opposed Port Fortin Civic Centre.

Fulham won their match two-nil form Gaylettes and the representative league team won their match by a similar margin.