Haiti snatch CFU title

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

PARAMARIBO, Suriname, Nov. 19

HAITI, in a splendid performance have won the Caribbean Nations Cup championships by beating the title-holder, Suriname, one-nil, according to the Suriname News Agency (SNA).

The Haitians yesterday applied a tight man-to-man marking crippling the otherwise agile Surinamese ball-players.

The lone goal was scored by Jean Villenot before a crowd of 15,000.

At a reception Sunday night Haiti was awarded the Duvalier Cup.

During Sunday's game there was an incident between the Haitian coach and Mr. Kamperveen, president of the Caribbean Football Union. The Haitians protested against the way they were treated by some spectators.

This led to a hold-up of play for about 10 minutes, after which referee Montana from Puerto Rico resumed play.

The final standings are.

   Team      Points
1. Haiti       6
2. St. V'cent  4
3. Suriname    2
4. Trinidad    0

St. Vincent, in the penultimate match of the Caribbean Nations Cup tournament, beat Trinidad and Tobago two-one Saturday night in Paramaribo.