Spotlight On Sport

G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Suggests Kingston Club Replay.

Many are the suggestions being made in regard to the remaining matches against our Trinidad visitors, now that Jamaica has failed to hold them in the intercolony series. One that is perhaps the most sensible of the lot appeared in our yesterday's issue, to the effect that, instead of playing Jamaica in the final match of the inter-colony series on Saturday, Trinidad should replay Kingston.

However, alternative as this proposal might be, there are two big obstacles to it: one is that a certain programme having been arranged for the visit, the J.F.A. are bound to carry that programme through, as far as possible.

The other is that the proponent of the Kingston replay has oversighted the fact that, interesting as this would be, it would not, and could not, be as interesting as the last inter-colony match, when Jamaica will have a final try to check the conquering stride of our visitors.

Don't let any footer fan make the mistake of supposing that Trinidad will "not be trying" in this last colony game—they will be trying every bit as hard as they have done in the two previous games; partly because they want to come through undefeated in any match of the colony series; partly because they have been told so often by various critics, including myself, that we are of the opinion that Jamaica can hold them if Jamaica plays its best side. Trinidad, in their keen, yet modest way, are not of this opinion—they feel they can beat any side Jamaica may put in the field—and they are out to show it on Saturday.

Of course, I think it was a pity the Kingston replay could not have been brought off Monday afternoon—but, since it was not, there is no chance of doing so again, so our visitors go to Montego Bay this week-end.

Two More Suggestions.

Here are two more suggestions, one from an "European Residents" side against the Trinidadians, and the other a suggested Jamaica side for Saturday.

My first correspondent, Mr. Dan Matthews, says:—

"Dear Scotter,—I think it would be a splendid idea for a team of European residents in Jamaica to "have a go" at these Trinidad fellows. My suggested team is given below: Matthews, Thomas, Hadden, Campbell, Waterhouse, Addis, Sinclair, Briggs, Dunleavy, Capt. Harvey, Woolfe.
"I'd appreciate and publicity you can give to this suggestions,
(Sgd.) Dan Matthews."

The same objection obtains against this proposal as against the Kingston replay suggestion, i.e., lack of time on the programme.

Here is another proposed Jamaica side:—

"Dear Scotter—Just a suggestion for a team for Saturday. I think if this team was selected, we would be save a 3-0 defeat in the rubber.
Goal—J. Groves; Backs, W. Passailaigue, W. Hadden; Halves, W. Lopez, Scott (from Munro), L. Parke; Forwards, J. Briggs, A. Sasso, H. DaCosta, Capt. Harvey, R. Kinkead.
(Sgd.) F. O. Romney."

And a pretty good side at that! though, as I have alerady stated in this column, I would prefer to leave out Briggs and Kinkead (though they both played well in the last match) in the hope of getting more shooting power on the line by the inclusion of McKenzie and Passailaigue—or, perhaps even better, Ron Sturdy, who showed excellent form in a Second Division match with week, and is admittedly, when in practice, one of the very best forwards in the island.

As I say, I am writing this before the selection is made, and I should really like to see Sturdy included in the line. We could then move Willie to full back with Hadden, where he is safer and more experienced than my previous pick, Hendricks.