National Sports Advisory Council to be set up in Trinidad

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Dec. 30, (Reuters):

A National Sports Advisory Council will soon be set up in Trinidad and Tobago to advise on the provision of sporting facilities and expenses for teams selected to represent the country at international meetings.

Provisions for this body were made in the government's five-year development plan just released here.

In its first detailed plan for sport in this country the government intends: (1) to provide first class sporting facilities throughout the country; (2) to develop facilities in separate areas to meet national and international requirements; (3) to build up the Velodrome at Princess Royal Park arena to cater for international activities, and (4) give special emphasis to football by providing Port of Spain and an area in the south with facilities for international football.

The Government will also make efforts to provide all schools with playing facilities in close proximity to the schools.

Government explained that the best approach to the development of the nation's athletic talent will be throughout the country "so that all citizens would have equal opportunity to develop their talents."

Over the next five years Government proposes to spend some 2,000,000 dollars (T.T.) to provide adequate facilities and impetus to sport as set out in the D-Plan.