Kingston Lions Turned Down

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

THE Kingston Lions, which have requested a postponement of their semi-final game against Panthers of St. Lucia, scheduled for Grenada on July 1, will not have their wish granted, according to Austin 'Jack' Warner, president of the Caribbean Football Union.

The match will be played three days before the Jamaica/Costa Rica match at the National Stadium. Should the Lions reach the final, they would be practically without a team as most of their players are in the national squad. Should they not make the trip, Warner says, then St. Clair Coaching School of Tobago would take their place against the Panthers.

"They (the Lions) are a victim of a JFF fault", said Warner. "We cannot allow such a request."

Warner added however, that the Lions would be compensated for their abandoned home match against champions Trinidad and Tobago Hawks. The Hawks, which withdrew from the competition, were fined the maximum US$5,000 which they are to pay to the Lions for promotional losses.