Soccer at Queen's Park defended

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

SONNY MURRAY, secretary of Queen's Park Cricket Club, today defended the club's decision to allow the Trinidad Football Association to stage two matches on the Oval ground one week before the regional cricket series match between Jamaica and Trinidad.

He was replying to criticism from Sir Frank Worrell who said it would be unfair for the cricketers to play on the pitch after recent use by footballers.

Murray said: "My Management Committee, on which there are well known cricketing personalities like Gerry Gomez, Jeff Stollmeyer, Lance Murray, Sir Lindsay Grant and Sir Errol Dos Santos, went thoroughly into this matter.

"Our interest primarily, is cricket and after careful consideration we decided that the ground will be as good as it ever was after the football games."

He pointed out that the date of the second soccer match had been brought forward a day to allow the ground staff extra time to get the strip ready for cricket.