Kelshall trophy to Trinidad

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

MEMBERS of the BWIA Staff Club returned from their visit to Trinidad where they played the BWIA Club there in cricket, football, Badminton and Table Tennis.

One member of the team, Johnny Frazer, returned in a wheelchair. He suffered a foot injury after scoring the two goals his team scored in the football match which Trinidad won 4-2.

Manager and vice-president, Alex Sanguinetti said play was very rough in this match and that a member of the Trinidad team had to be sent off the field.

The cricket match was drawn.

In Badminton, Jamaica beat Trinidad 8-0 and Trinidad returned with a defeat for Jamaica in Table Tennis 6-1.

Trinidad won the over trophy — Captain Kelshall Trophy — and two others.

Jamaica retained the cricket trophy and took the trophy for Badminton. This is the first time the Trinidad team has won the Kelshall trophy. They will come to Jamaica in May next year for the return feature.