Carib soccer tour ends as unbeaten Millwall win 5-1

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

LONDON, Oct. 21:

MILLWALL ................. 5
CARIBBEAN .............. 1

THE Caribbean soccer tour of England ended last night as it began, in defeat. There was no disgrace in that. Millwall are third in the English Fourth Division, and are the only team in all four leagues who are so far, unbeaten this season.

The important factor is whether the lessons of this educational tour have been learned.

On the evidence of last night's game there was some indication, that the lessons had been taken to heart, but not much to suggest that the results are being put into practice.

Glorious goal

In the 50th minute, for instance, right winger Ken East scored a glorious goal to equalize Bumstead's third minute goal for Millwall.

Inside left Ron Gray slung out a fine pass to the left wing to split the Millwall defence.

Centre forward Alvin Corneal chased it and hammered in a fierce drive. The ball was beaten out and there was East dashing in to crash the ball into the net.

With less than half the match remaining, the West Indies were suddenly in with a chance of scoring an epic victory. But that move was the only direct concerted attack they made all evening.

If only a few more passes had been made like that. They must surely have brought results, for the Millwall backs played so far upfield that they would have been sorely pressed to recover.

And for the last 35 minutes Millwall still carried out that policy, even through they were reduced to ten men. Right half Humphries had been carried off after hurting his thigh in a tackle on Haynes.

But the passes were not forthcoming, and Millwall were thus allowed to continue their policy of mass attack.

This finally wore down the Caribbean defence. Corneal had burst through in the fifth minute only to see his shot saved by a desparate lunge of the boot by Davis, in the Millwall goal.

but the home inside left, Pierce, scrambled a goal in the 59th minute to put his side in the lead again.

And then in a hectic spell sheer weight of pressure brought Millwall two goals in four minutes, both scored by centre forward Moyse.

Pierce added a fifth in the final minute.

Excellent saves

It is no reflection on the Caribbean defence that they finally succumbed after holding on for so long. Goal keeper Baptiste, expecially, played a hero's part. The hwole first half was a chronicle of his excellent saves, backed by fine positioning and sage handling.

One save in particular from Moyse came in the "unbelievable" class as Baptiste flung himself across the goal to punch the ball away.

At centre half, Monty Hope made many timely interceptions. The backs and half backs with Chevannes coming on in the second half in place of Griffiths played their part.

The forwards showed some neat touches, especially the inside forward trio of Haynes, Corneal and Gray, and everyone worked hard showing little sign of "end of the tour" tiredness.

If only more cohesion and anticipation had been on view.

Let's hope it can be developed.

MILLWALL: Davies, Jackson, Brady, Humphries, Harper, Howells, Broadfoto, Bumstead, Moyse, Pierce, Heckman.

CARIBBEAN F.A. XI: Baptiste, Rodriguez, De La Bastide, Aleong, Hope, Griffiths, East, Haynes, Corneal, Gray, Parker.

Attendance was 2,260.