South Trinidad tackle Jamaicans

Alva Ramsay
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner



JAMAICA'S TOURING soccer team will run into real stiff opposition tomorrow when they travel to Apex to meet South Trinidad—a team which has the reputation of being as strong as the average Island eleven. The performance of the visitors tomorrow will be considered a definite clue to results int he second "Test" at Queen's Park Oval on Sunday.

Manager George Abrahams gave me the following team for Apex: Williams, Chevannes, Lowe, Largie, Alexander, Lewis, Smith, Bartlett, Hill, Lue and Miret.

So far, Jamaica's defence is holding well, but the van, though [illegible], has been unable to score. True, the visiting backs have been having a spot of trouble with the Trinidadian wingers Hamel-Smith, [illegible] and Lovelace. Hamel-Smith stays back, goes and looks for the [illegible]. Lovelace is a fast raider who can beat many backs to through-pass and likes to get down the goal line then cut in for a [illegible] pass or a direct shot.

On a wet ground, the back must often wait till Lovelace brings the play to him, except he is pushed too near his goal. However, Chevannes did the job the greater part of the first "Test" while Lowe immobilized Hamel-Smith quite a bit, though inclined to hold the ball a bit too long.


The halves, Largie, Alexander and Lewis are keen tacklers and distribute constructively, so once again the main trouble is with the forward line.

The wingmen have so far not yet [illegible], but perhaps they should be fed much more than they have been up to now.

Dudley Smith is not quite as fast as before but his experience and positional sense should warrant more confidence than was show Sunday. Williams worked hard, showed speed, but did not always get the right pass.

Personally, however, I am of the opinion that the chief trouble stems from two causes — short stature and lightness of every man in the line, not one weighing over 140 pounds, while the Trinidad defence have tall, husky men like backs who dwarf the poor wingers.


Then, too, our men might be just a bit too clever for their own good, especially insidemen Hill and Bartlett, who tend to over-elaborate when the occasion calls for a quick pass, so by the time East stretches to one of them and positions for a return he is covered when the pass comes his way.

Manager George Abrahams and skipper Franz Alexander are toying with the idea to infuse thrust and power into the forward line by playing Alexander at inside left and putting Marsden Chen as stopper in his place. Alexander, big and fearless, could cope with the gigantic defence, matching them in poundage, and being more businesslike with his passing and shooting could provide just what the line needs to convert their undoubted skill into goals.

The team are quite at home, being well looked after by Mr. Eric James and his committee. Some visited Maracas Bay earlier today.