St. Mary's beat Colts 2-1

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

ST. MARY'S ........................................ 2 (Forde, Mahon)
COLTS .............................................. 1 (defender)

ST. MARY'S College footballers from Trinidad, gained their most notable victory since their tour began by defeating the Jamaica Colts XI 2-1 at Sabina Park last night.

It was third victory in four games; they beat Manning Cup champions Kingston College 3-0, DaCosta Cup champions Munro College 3-0 and lost 2-0 to an All Manning XI.

Last night's victory was a very resounding one for the visitors; they played like mature players, passing well, combining well and in general moved like a well-oiled machine, unlike the Colts who never looked like a team.

The game got off to a late start and St. Mary's moving with purpose, converged on the Colts' goal and took two dangerous headers: Michael King saved both, however.

The Jamaicans then broke through, and kept the visiting defence busy.

First of many clean breakthroughs brought St. Mary's their first goal in the ninth minute.

Right winger Thomasos collected, pushed across to inside right Browne who in turn sent a long past over to left winger Forde; shot feebly from way out. King took his eyes off the ball momentarily and it rolled through his hands, into the goal.

That was just the incentive the Trinidadians needed. Although they were not in complete control, the gaps they tore in the disjointed local defence proved them the better footballers.


Five-minutes before the interval, the second goal came from centre forward "Chippie" Mahon who slammed the ball hard enough for it to pass through King's hands into the goal.

It was 2-0 at half time.

The lone Colts' goal came five minutes after the interval. It came by way of two Trinidadians, UCWI undergraduate Hezekiah and St. Mary's brilliant left back, Tyron deLabastide.

The Colts forced a corner which was well taken by right winger Derrick DaCosta. The ball dropped on to the foot of left half Roy Lee who made his only mistake of the game, by miskicking. The ball however, moved fast to Hezekiah who took a scorching left footer which deflected from de Labastide into the net.

The Colts tried hard for the remaining 25 minutes to get the equaliser, but it eluded them as the schoolboy defenders showed tenacity and understanding in thwarting the feeble efforts of the Jamaicans.

Referee Johnny Wongsam was assisted by linesmen Francis DaCosta and David Lewis.