Schedule Released For Pan-Am Soccer

Scotty Harper
Date Published: 
Winnipeg Free Press

Pan-American Soccer Schedule

The football committee has released the soccer schedule of the Pan-American Games. There are eight countries entered and the officials have divided them into two sections. In 'A' circuit are Colombia, Trinidad-Tobago, Argentina and Mexico, in 'B' loop are United States, Canada, Bermuda and Cuba.

The four teams will meet in a round-robin, with the two top clubs in each circuit playing off to represent their respective divisions. The 'A' winners will meet the winners of 'B' section in a sudden-death final for the soccer championship. Each country is assured of three games at least.

Afternoon games are timed for 2 o'clock at Alexander Park, and night games at 8 o'clock at Winnipeg Stadium.

Colombia and Trinidad-Tobago have the honor of setting the big ball in motion, July 24, at Alexander Park, followed by the night game at the Stadium between Argentina and Mexico.

The following night, United States takes on Bermuda and Canada tackles Cuba.

There will be a whole week of soccer, which will please the gents of the kicking code.

THE FOLLOWING Sunday has Cuba and United States winding up the round-robin series. Then comes the playoffs, starting Tuesday, Aug. 1, at the Stadium.

Here's the complete schedule of the 15 games:

July 24 — Colombia vs. Trinidad - Tobago (Alexander Park), Argentina vs. Mexico (Stadium).

July 25 — United States vs. Bermuda, (Alexander Park), Canada vs. Cuba, (Stadium).

July 26 — Argentina vs. Colombia, (Alexander Park), Mexico vs. Trinidad - Tobago, (Stadium).

July 27 — Cuba vs. Bermuda, (Alexander Park), Canada vs. United States, (Stadium).

July 28 — Colombia vs. Mexico, (Alexander Park), Argentina vs. Trinidad-Tobago, (Stadium).

July 29 — Canada vs. Bermuda, (Alexander Park), 2:30 p.m.

July 30 — Cuba vs. United States (Alexander Park), 2:30 p.m.

Aug. 1 — Semi-final 'A' section.

Aug. 2 — Semi-final 'B' section.

Aug. 3 — Final between winners of 'A' and 'B' sections.