No excuses for defeat: Galt

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Jamaica Gleaner

Alexander described as first-class footballer

A VERY good and keenly-contested series which could have gone either way", Mr. Ken Galt, manager of the Trinidad soccer team, said yesterday morning as the tourists left by BWIA aircraft for home.

He praised the spirit in which the games were played, and declared he had no excuses for the defeat of the team.

"The injuries we suffered had nothing to do with the result of the series. We lost because we did not have a good shooting forward", he said.

It was his opinion that the standard of Jamaica's football was very good and their defence exceptionally sound.

"The hospitality, as usual, was first-class and we are very grateful for it, and would like to thank publicly the Jamaica Football Association for having us and for their hospitality. We hope in the not too distant future to have them in Trinidad to return it," he said.


One of the many tributes was paid Franz Alexander, Jamaica captain and inside left, who was described as a first-class footballer.

Mr. Galt, president of the British Caribbean and Trinidad Football Associations, and Mr. Eric James, secretary of both organisations, jointly praised the ability of the former all-England amateur right back, who led Jamaica to victory in each of the three games against Trinidad.

"I think he is a first-class footballer. He works the ball well, passes and controls well, and is always looking for openings for his forwards. He is also quick to shoot whenever he gets the opportunity.

"I will go so far as to say that Alexander is the best forward on the Jamaica team. He is an all-around footballer who could perform well in any position on the field," said Mr. Galt, who was himself once a star centre forward on Trinidad teams.

The team manager expressed ready agreement: when Mr. James said he though that if the Jamaica goalkeeper were injured and the team did not have a second-string keeper that Alexander could keep goal as well as he could play in any other position.

"The Jamaica team is a good one. It has a strong defence, in which right back, Walter Chevannes, stands out. Young Anthony Hil, at inside right, is a promising player, Mr. Galt said.

"We have no excuses for our defeat. The weakness on the Trinidad team is shooting. If our boys would shoot, the team would have a better finish. Then, we were not as fortunate as the Jamaicans where the matter of injuries is concerned," he said.

The head of the Trinidad party of 15 players and two officials did not think that the lights affected the Trinidadians much.

"I think that the matches were played in a good spirit. There was no show of temper on either side at any time. We enjoyed our stay in Jamaica very much, and I wish to say, on behalf of the team, Mr. James and myself, how very thankful we are for the kindness and hospitality extended to us by individuals and organisations, and for the support that the Press and radio gave us," he said.

Officials of the JFA, led by president Winston Meeks, the Jamaica captain and members of the team were at the Palisadoes Airport to see the visitors off.