Little Island Enters Final

John Townsley
Date Published: 
Winnipeg Free Press

LITTLE Bermuda pulled off one of the great upsets of the Pan-American Games last night by gaining the final of the soccer tournament.

They downed Trinidad and Tobago 3-1 before 9,000 spectators at Winnipeg Stadium.

It was a superlative tribute to the coaching skills of former English professional Graham Adams and to their own stout hearts.

All last week they showed they were the best-coached side in the tournament but it didn't look likely they would overcome the power of the Trinidadians,

That was before the match and 30 minutes into it.

The long-striding, red-shirted Trinidadians who knocked Argentina out of the competition surged on the Bermuda goal in waves.

They squandered chance after chance by playing it too close.

Men who had been hitting long balls throughout the tournament suddenly found themselves dribbling ineffectually on the 18-yard line.

It sunk in that the Bermudians were being controlled by a technician and the overwhelming territorial superiority of the Trinidadians went for little.

The Trinidadian link men had enough space in midfield to start another soccer match as the Bermudans grouped and re-grouped. At times the distance between the Trinidad defence and attack was as much as 30 yards.

The Bermudans struck in the 33rd minute through the deadly Carlton Dill.

He beat two men and passed to Gary Barrel, on the left wing. Barrel, running in, was being obstructed, but he still managed to get the ball back into the centre and Dill connected with his right foot to crash it home from 15 yards.

Returning the compliment in the 67th minute, Dill put Darrel clear on the right and in it went,

The best goal of the game, in the 77th minute, set the steel drums beating wildly.

Halfback Gamaldo, racing through in midfield, moved one way and then the other, spreadeagling two Bermudan defenders before whipping, in a superb left foot drive just inside the area.

With the crowd roaring on Trinidad the match was set for the equalizer and an extra 30 minutes of play. But try as they could the Trinidadians couldn't shake the treacle from their boots as the ball trickled arid trickled on the 18-yard line.

Centre forward Clive Best put the issue beyond doubt three minutes from time with a right foot shot that went high into the net.