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Jamaica Gleaner

Football calypso

PRINCESS Margaret—a calypso fan—has bought one hundred copies of the latest disc by Trinidad's "Lord Kitchener".

Thirty-four-year-old "Lord Kitchener"—real name Aldwyn Roberts—sat down at the Manchester home immediately after Manchester City's 3-1 win over Birmingham in the F.A. Cup Final, and composed the calypso.

Until recently the two Manchester teams, City and United, were deadly rivals. Then City won the Cup and United became Division I League Champions, and along came Lord Kitchener to compose a musical tribute to both teams.

Result: "The Manchester Double" is expected to sell 150,000 copies in the next three months and will be used as a signature tune at their football grounds next season by both teams.

"Lord Kitchener", who has been in England since 1948, has recorded about 100 calypsos including the highly successful calypso in honour of Princess Margaret's Caribbean tour.