Trinidad writer says 'JFA Officials Out Of Place'

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Jamaica Gleaner

On Stanley Matthews issue

Gleaner Trinidad Correspondent

PORT OF SPAIN, January 17:

ALBERT ALKINS, the Evening News Sports Editor, takes the Jamaica Football Association to task for inviting the famous Stanley Matthews to visit the West Indies with the forthcoming English combined amateur-professional side.

Alkins says in today's issue in his extensively read sports column: "Although it's a great idea and would mean immediate financial success to this tour, I think Jamaica soccer officials, are somewhat out of place to take up this matter with the English Football Association.

"They should have made this request through the Trinidad Association, which is making the arrangements for the tour.

"The Jamaica Association is also inviting Lindy Delapenha, a Jamaican playing as professional in England, and F. A. C. Alexander, another Jamaican who gained selection on an English amateur team.

"If Delapenha is coming down for the series, I believe the Trinidad fans would pay to see him at Trinidad and that again raises the point of a West Indies team playing against the tourists.

"I believe the officials here dropped this idea but with Delapenha coming it's imperative for us to play such a game."

At another stage, Alkins goes on: "Cricket in the West Indies has made too much progress for football not to try to emulate that sport. Football will soon find itself a forgotten sport if it does not finalise arrangements for a West Indian Association and a West Indian Test against England.

"Tennis has been granted Davis Cup recognition; riflemen have got together on West Indies
matches, so what's wrong with the football officials?"

Alkins concludes: "Even now it's not too late to form a West Indies Association to work out details for a West Indian Test against England."