Continued support for sport—promise by Chief Minister

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

THE PROMISE that "Government will continue to give as generously as possible within its limitation to sports in Jamaica," was made by Hon. W. A. Bustamante, Chief Minister, at a luncheon given by the JFA in honour of the Trinidad footballers at Sabina Park on Tuesday. Mr. Bustamante attended the luncheon as a special guest of JFA president, Granville daCosta.

Terming himself a West Indian, Mr. Bustamante said that he wished the Trinidad team, who were on their way to England on a two-month tour every success.

"There is a belief in the other islands that Jamaica was pushing the cause of Federation because we wanted to grab everything, but that is not so, for in Federation the main priciple is that the strong should help the weak.

"That is why when the Federation Committee were in London I cabled them saying that I did not want the Federal Capital either in Trinidad, Barbados or Jamaica.

"I am convinced that the best way to get Federation is through sports", Mr. Bustamante concluded.

Mr. daCosta, who was chairman, then asked Commander Hayward, TAFA president to reply to Mr. Bustamante.

Commander Hayward said the he agreed that sports was the right path to getting Federation in the Caribbean Area.

As for as this trip of Trinidad footballers to England is concerned "it was the realisation of a dream I had 16 years ago", he said.

"And now that it is about to come true we are not thinking of victory so much as of establishing in England a great reputation for West Indies courage and sportsmanship.

"Yesterday we saw sportsmanship of the finest standard in the first game and it has served to forge firmer links of friendship between Jamaica and Trinidad," Commander Hayward said.

Other guests of the JFA were His Worship the Mayor, Councillor Cleveland Walker, and the Deputy Mayor, Councillor George Atherton.