Last First Class Fixture

Date Published: 
Trinidad Guardian


THE last match for the T.A.F.A. First League Shield will be played tomorrow afternoon on the Association's ground between Everton and Q.R.C.

Will Royals do the trick by effecting a draw or beating their opponents, thus denying them the honour of carrying off the trophy for the second year in succession, is the question which football enthusiasts are asking.

The Colleges in the past have had the knack of doing the surprising thing at the psychological moment and, thereby, upsetting all the well-laid out plans of their opponents.

A win for Everton will give them the Shield, while any other result will transfer it into Maple's possession.

The match, therefore, is invested with particular interest, and it should attract a large following of spectators.

Mr. M. Grell will referee, and Mr. Lyon and Mr. Lake run the lines.

The following are the T.A.F.A. fixtures for the week:—

Nov. 2:—Everton v. Q.R.C. Referee: Mr. M. Grell. Linesmen: Mr. Lyon and Mr. Lake.

F.A. Trophy

Nov. 4:—Casuals v. Strollers. Referee: Mr. B. Warner. Linesmen: Mr. J. Rignault and Mr. N. Pouchet.
Nov. 5:—Maple v. St. Mary's. Referee: Mr. A. Wilkinson. Linesmen: Mr. Mathieu and Mr. Locke.
Nov. 7:—Shamrock v. Q.R.C. Referee: Mr. V. Richardson. Linesmen: Mr. H. Gorsuch and Mr. Lake.


Nov. 3:—Shamrock v. Sporting Club. Referee: Mr. R. Almandez.
Celtic v. Nalcombe. Referee: Mr. R. Govia.


Nov. 3:—Rovers v. Aston. Referee: Mr. W. Gaskin
Nov. 6:—Notre Dame v. Rovers or Aston. Referee: Mr. E. Pollonais.
Tranquility v. Q.R.C. (2nd League). Referee: Mr. G. Agar.

Officials of the games and players are reminded that all Cup matches start at 4.30 sharp and are requested to turn up in time.