League Shield Still In Dispute

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Trinidad Guardian



THE Everton-Maple match on which the issue of the League Shield practically hinged, did not come up to expectations from the playing point of view. It ultimately ended in a draw, each side scoring a goal.

Better weather conditions could hardly have been desired. A nice and springy ground was provided, and a mammoth crowd turned out, a conservative estimate placing the attendance at 8,000, fully 5,000 of whom paid for admission to the stands or occupied the chairs around the grounds.

Order was well maintained throughout and the T.A.F.A. arrangements were perfect.

The game was marked by sound and brilliant defence by both sides, the honours going to Remy of Maple, who was by far the most outstanding player of the afternoon. Whenever the half back line was beaten, there was Remy, an impenetrable barrier.

He received able support from his club-mate, Gaskin, and the halves worked hard and well. Unfortunately Dick received an early injury and was of little use to the side.

Thus handicapped, it is to Maple's credit that they were able to draw with their doughty opponents.

On the opposite side Maynard was ever conspicuous. He broke up many dangerous rushes, and Charles, his partner, played a steady game. Holder, in the half back line, shone to advantage and reduced to practical nullity Daniel's effectiveness as a right winger.

But the forwards of both side failed, and herein lay the weakness of both teams.

Maple failed to combine to advantage, and Everton's attackers showed a marked tendency not to display any ball control while both were lacking in perfect understanding.

After the resumption, it was a drab affair, interspersed only with moments of thrillers, and it was not, therefore, surprising to find that the final whistle met neither side with the honours.

But the game on the whole, was a good one, cleanly played, the score furnishing excellent reflection of the run of play.


Everton defended the western goal and Maple kicked off. There were alternate rushes as a result of which both goalies shone to advantage in effecting some beautiful saves.

Nearing the half-way stage Everton were awarded a free kick, which well taken by Woodruffe, was saved feebly by Pierre who fisted out. Ryan was on the spot to receive and deliver a back kick and Morris, rushing up headed into goal.

Hardly had the shouting died over this initial success, than Maple recorded the equaliser. A corner conceded Maple was well taken by E. Achong. Hart rushed out and fisted the ball but H. Achong received and made no mistake about finding the nets.


No further scoring took place thereafter. At one stage in the second half Wilkes accidentally tripped an Everton forward.

A penalty was conceded and Maynard took the kick. He sent a scorching shot to goal that Pierre anticipated to the minute, dashed across and saved, occasioning a scrimmage in front of the goal which was relieved when Moore shot behind.

Desultory play followed for quite a while, and the final stages were brightened up, each side trying for decision, but none came.

Mr. Wilkinson refereed excellently, and Mr. Govia and Mr. Rignault ran the lines.


The following comprised the lineup:—

MAPLE:—Pierre; Remy, Gaskin; Dick, Wilkes, Duprey; E. Achong, H. Achong, de Coteau, Pantin, Daniel.

EVERTON:—Hart; Charles, Maynard; Holder, Morris, Leslie; Woodruffe, Moore, F. Charles, Thompson, Ryan.


Clubs          P  W  L  D  F  A  P
Maple ....... 14 10  2  2 46 15 22
Everton ..... 13  8  1  4 36 10 20
Shamrock .... 14  7  4  3 34 18 17
Sporting Club 14  7  5  2 23 20 16
Casuals ..... 14  7  5  2 30 19 16
Q.R.C. ...... 13  4  9  0 18 31  8
Strollers ... 14  2  9  3 16 38  7
St. Mary's .. 14  1 11  2 8  59  4